A service management solution.

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  • Increase of email volume handling with 20% to 40%

  • Increased customer and employee satisfaction with 30%

  • Cost reduction of application changes with 60%

Your Enterprise Communication Options:

The service management solution uses the more advanced functionality available. For example tickets being automatically assigned to agents. Efficiency is further increased by using Artificial Intelligence as your first line support. Service Level Management enables you to tailor-make an SLA for each individual customer. Several external information sources like Facebook, Twitter can be connected to SmartDialog making it the communication hub you need.

Use SmartDialog to meet your increasing communication requirements enabling a solid growth of your business.

Project Communication Solution

Projects require a lot of communication regarding project follow up, reporting and project deliverables. Keeping track of all these information flows, statuses and the ability to search your email and document history is decisive to conduct professional project management.

SmartDialog delivers all this in one solution to be tailor-made to your specific way of running projects successfully.

Structure your e-mail flow, messages and documents. SmartDialog is an excellent tool to keep track of all information coming in & leaving your organisation, and structuring  the communication between your departments. Tickets are easily transferred to other agent, enabling immediate support to your customers.

You and your agents are in control of communication again. This results in confident employees delivering an excellent service to your customers.

Ticket System

Your local subsidiaries connect with Headquarters through the SmartDialog network. Each subsidiary manages its own tickets and when a dialog with the HQ is required, a ticket can be shared in the network. The information is directly visible for both parties in the dialog. Using SmartDialog as an ECS, the corporate communication flow is managed, controlled and stored. The Artificial Intelligence of SmartDialog answers same subsidiary questions immediately. This increases the ability of your entire enterprise to adapt quickly to the continuously changing market conditions.

Enterprise Communication

Service Management Solution


Adaptive software consists of two elements combined; Custom Fields and SmartFlow, the core of SmartEnterprise. Custom Fields enables customers to add fields with predefined text or choices an employee can select. SmartFlow enables the automation of workflows by the setting of parameters and functionality. This results in received emails triggering parameters causing, for example, the automatic setting of application fields.

Custom Fields

There are various Custom Fields types a customer can add to SmartDialog like; Input, Checkbox, Drop Down, and more.  After selecting the type of custom field, the data the service agent must choose from has to be defined. This so-called metadata is immediately registered in the database, once selected. This data is also used in SmartInsight, becoming visible in the dashboards. Customer Fields is available throughout SmartDialog. The customer administers in a separate module the Custom Fields of the Interfaces; ticket/task, agent, customer & contact. In each Interface customers can change, add or deactivate Custom Fields.


SmartFlow automates a lot of actions a service agent performs. Specially the repetitive tasks can be automated. This requires the setting of triggers in the SmartFlow administration. Here the specification of words is administered and thereafter the action to be executed. Does an incoming email contain these specified words then the ticket is for example automatically assigned to a department. Depending on the business needs, triggers and actions can be changed or disabled immediately.

Whitepaper Adaptive Software

A whitepaper is available explaining the adaptive elements Custom Fields and SmartFlow in detail. 


Click here to go directly to the whitepaper.


We continuously develop new functionality for SmartDialog and we are permanently working on improving our Artificial Intelligence called SID (Smart Interactive Dialog).



All SmartDialog functionality is available for ONE PRICE. We enable customers growth offering a structured and adaptive communication tool without a raise in license costs.



Special Features

  • Custom Fields & SmartFlow administration

  • Artificial Intelligent first line support

  • Unlimited read-only licenses

  • Unlimited Service Agent licenses

  • Service Agent Portal

  • Automated ticket assignment

350 NOK

Features Included

  • Service Level Management

  • Customer self-service portal

  • Self-explanatory functions

  • Live dashboard

  • Structured “one-click” ticket overview

  • Chat

Application Integration

  • Facebook -  Twitter

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Telenor - MBN

  • Tripletex

  • More to come

Included Services

  • Support

  • Updates

  • Free contract period

  • Security


This journey is exciting, requires courage and embracing the learning by doing, failing and trying again, to reach undoubtedly the digital era. We support you in this pursuit!
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